Through this website we aim to share our enthusiasm for gardening whether this is on our allotment plot or in our garden. Our monthly illustrated Gardening diary records our ups and downs from 2007.


Most gardeners love to see wildlife in their gardening areas and we are no exception. In the Wildlife section is information about the wildlife that share our gardening spaces and the ways we actively encourage biodiversity.


Gardening is very much at the mercy of weather conditions. A weather station is set up in our garden. Data recorded and how the conditions affect our gardening is shared in Our Weather section. Much of this information is held on our weather website.


The Garden Equipment section provides information about the equipment that a gardener may purchase. It has direct links to companies which supply the equipment being discussed so should cut down on the time that you spend searching the Internet for the equipment that you want. It also describes our experiences and which equipment we find useful.


The Grow IT section provides information on how we grow some of our crops and the gardening tasks that we need to carry out and the Sow & Harvest section is a diary of our sowing and harvesting.


We are also keen to try out new ways of preparing and cooking the food that we grow; in the Eat It section we share a few recipes that you may wish to try out.


Also like most gardeners we enjoy visiting other gardens which we hope will inspire us or just provide an enjoyable day  out. Some of the places that we have enjoyed visiting are described in the Places to Visit section.


Some visitors to our website have also sent photos and information about their gardens and plots which are shared in the Visitors plots and Gardens section.


There are ideas for encouraging young gardeners in the Children’s section and a few gardening related puzzles in our Solve It section to keep you occupied on those long winter nights.


A section is devoted to providing information about the problems caused by contaminated manure which swept the country. This section includes all the information that we managed to gather, reports of our experiences and those of other victims reported to us, photographs and video to assist diagnosis and contact links for agencies that could be useful if the problem recurs.


The Allotments section has general information about allotments and our site in particular. It also has a little information about the history of allotments.


This website is regularly updated so I not only hope that you enjoy your visit but that you come back regularly to see what we have been up to.


I welcome any contact with my visitors.


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