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Solve the puzzles

During the winter months or when the weather puts a stop to gardening, here are a few puzzles to pass a little time.


A twist on the usual number puzzle these sudokus are based on the letters in the name of some of our garden plants'


Sunflower Sudoku


Artichoke Sudoku


Ceanothus Sudoku



Winter on the Plot


Identification Skills


Close-up clips

Do you ever look really closely at the things that live and grow on your plot or in your garden? When viewed on your computer the image can be magnified and amazing detail is revealed that proves how really incredible nature is!


Shown below are small sections of photographs that I took either on the allotment site or in my garden.


Vegetable Identification with a difference

The vegetable photos have been edited, can you still identify them?


Herb Identification

Can you identify the herbs pictured. Some herbs may feature more than once. They are all herbs that would be used in cooking or baking.


Flower Identification


Seed Identification

If  you have been sowing lots of seeds lately the you will be really good at identifying the seeds below won't you?




Fruit Anagrams

Rearrange the 20 phrases into the name of a fruit. In this case I am using the term fruit technically so some may be fruits that we actually use as a vegetable and nuts are also included.


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